How to make your protein shine

How to make your protein shine18.04.2023 08:30 - 16:30 (Di)Insel Riems - Schulungsraum UntergeschossRichard Küchler

This course aims to introduce you to simple protein in-silico modelling to investigate protein function on a structural level. Additionally, several visualization strategies are presented and used to create appealing figures of your proteins of interest. This may enable you to present your research results in a visual appealing way and deepen your understanding of your protein of interest. Because the amount of structural data on animal virus proteins is rather limited, in-silico approaches may be the fastest and most efficient way to investigate them at a structural level. No IT knowledge is required, basic protein biochemistry knowledge is beneficial

  • Introduction on protein folding and in-silico modelling approach
  • Introduction to alphafold 2
  • Modelling your own protein with alphafold2 (practical)
  • Introduction to ChimeraX and ProteinImager as protein visualization tools
  • Visualize your protein of interest/modelled protein for use in presentations or posters (practical)
  • Advanced protein visualization strategy with Blender (demonstration)

It is essential to have a Google Account for the course or create one in advance to use!

Course langage: German or English as needed

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